We love it when young people care enough to raise funds to help those we care about. 

A lemonaide stand is a perfect way to touch heart, especially when the goal is to help people with cancer. Thank you so much and Phyllis would be proud.

The Hudson Project - Charity

Raising money to help others through raffling a motor cycle. We were happy to give this away.

Saint Patrick's day was a good excuse to have another meal day at a regional cancer center and to give out cookies to patients, care givers, and staff. Ivan carried on the memory of his Grand Mother who was treated at that center. 

Thanks to a giant effort by good hearted young people from the Kansas City area, handmade Christmas cards were send to brighten the day of cancer patients at CTCA in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

Such a blessing to see young people supporting others in need of a smile. Small blessings can lead to bigger ones...a big thank you from The Hudson Project to CJ, Julia, Claire, Lexie, Kade, Alex, Max, Addie, and Ian. Thank you as well to Lyndy (Hadley had to sneak into a picture).Type your paragraph here.

On occasion, people who refer patients as if we can do a little extra to make someone smile. The Hudson Project gave one special person tickets to a Selena Gomez concert.  Kansas City Police Department K9 unit was happy to give the gift and a furry selfie.

Facebook Based Fund Raiser for Tammy 

   (The Hudson Project Charity on Facebook to donate)

Tammy has been tirelessly battling cancer since her initial diagnosis of colon cancer in October 2011. She has managed to gracefully juggle teaching students with special needs, being a mom to 4 amazing kids, working on her masters degree and living her life as if she doesn't have cancer. She has traveled countless miles trying to find a way to stop this cancer from growing. 

Her current treatment is not covered by insurance, so all of those around her are trying to help with the cost. Please consider donating to help Tammy with the expenses. 

Call Us: +1.8165222105

As Hudson passed away just before Phyllis, Hadley and Harrison have stepped in the roll of trying to make people smile and spread the work of The Hudson Projects mission. Here they we supporting a young patient as Children Mercy Hospital.